Certified ChangeWorks® System Coach
Complete Briefing for Independent Coaching Professionals


Overview —

“Change is the central activity of the human experience. It is the heart
of every relationship and the purpose of every job.” – T. Falcon Napier 

No one understands this more than professionals working in the field of human development as independent coaches.  As different as their practices may be, all of their clients have at least one thing in common — they want something to change — and it is incumbent on the coach to understand and support their clients in manifesting those changes as quickly, efficiently and effectively as possible. 

But the climate for coaching is changing!  As more and more coaches have entered the marketplace, coaching has become a bit of a commodity, which, in turn, has negatively impacted the fees coaches command.  Increasing competition and eroding compensation are the two greatest challenges coaches now face in the marketplace — so increasing the value you bring to your clients and strongly differentiating yourself from all other coaches is of paramount importance to survive and thrive as a coach today.

For over 35 years, we’ve been training, licensing and supporting human development professionals of every variety — from independent trainers, speakers, consultants and therapists to corporate-based managers, executives and owners — in the principles of Tension Management® and the tools we’ve developed to help harness its potential in the lives of our clients.  We have now released a special certification course designed specifically for professional coaches.

ChangeWorks® is a comprehensive system for streamlining the change process at both the individual and organizational levels. Through dialogue and reflection, the ChangeWorks® System is descriptive, predictive and prescriptive — and is designed to answer four powerful questions about each of the changes a client wishes to make: 

1) How READY are they to handle their situation?
                        2) How ENGAGED are they in performing the tasks that lay before them?
                        3) How likely are they to follow through and actually DO what needs to be done?
                        4) What type and level of support do they need to get them on track and KEEP THEM on track? 

Equipped with these answers, Certified ChangeWorks® System Coaches help their clients reach clarity faster than any known method; stimulate deeper, more powerful conversations; dramatically accelerate the change process and achieve more of the outcomes their clients want most.

How to Become a Certified ChangeWorks® System Coach — 

Becoming a Certified ChangeWorks® System Coach is easy — and structured to provide you with maximum flexibility in the process of discovery, learning and mastery.

Candidates for the Certified ChangeWorks® System Coach designation begin by completing the “ChangeWorks® Essentials” course.  The course has six elements: Discovery Sessions, Discussion Sessions, Application Exercises, Dialogue Sessions, Demonstration Sessions and Mastery Sessions.

Discovery Sessions — The first element in each lesson is a Discovery Session. Discovery Sessions are intended to provide you with a thorough understanding of the key concepts, skills, tools and techniques of the ChangeWorks® Coaching System. Discovery Sessions are prerecorded webinars and are accessible online 24/7, which allows you to complete the series at your own pace and in your own timeframe. (14 hours total)

Discussion Sessions — As a companion to each Discovery Session, members of the ChangeWorks® Faculty conduct LIVE and prerecorded 1-hour Discussion Sessions on the principles and skills covered in each Discovery Session for participants to review. During each Discussion Session, our Faculty Members share their personal experiences applying the material covered in the Discovery Session to their actual work as coaches.  (8 hours total)

Application Exercises — For each Lesson, students are provided with a set of activities and exercises designed to help them integrate the content of the Discovery and Discussion Sessions to their actual work as a coach. (4 hours)

Dialogue Sessions — Offered at least once each week, these 90-minute LIVE “Dialogue Session” webinars are facilitated by members of our Faculty and coaching team. Dialogue Sessions offer you an opportunity to have your questions answered and practice applying what you’ve learned during the Discovery, Discussion and Application Sessions to actual coaching situations with other candidates.  Each Dialogue Session is a “standalone” experience, so you are free to choose which sessions you attend, but you must complete a minimum of EIGHT Dialogue Sessions in order to graduate. (12 hours)

Demonstration Session — Once you have completed all of the Discovery Sessions, Discussion Sessions and Dialogue Sessions required for graduation, you are eligible to schedule a 1-hour PRIVATE “Demonstration Session” during which you will demonstrate your ability to apply what you have learned in an actual coaching session with a member of our faculty and coaching team. (1 hour)

ChangeWorks® Mastery Sessions — Successfully completing your Demonstration Session unlocks a very special and powerful part of the program: “Mastering the ChangeGrid® Assessment.”  During this section of the program, your focus is our online ChangeWorks® assessment tool.  This session includes two 60-minute videos providing a step-by-step walkthrough of the process for creating Personal & Individual ChangeWorks® assessments.  In addition, students receive two 60-minute PRIVATE training sessions with the creator of the ChangeWorks® System, T. Falcon Napier. (4 hours, Resource Development)  

Upon successful completion of your Demonstration Session (and payment of all fees), you will be granted the designation of Certified ChangeWorks® System Coach.  If you are affiliated with the International Coach Federation, you may also be eligible to receive 39 CCEU’s for Core Competencies and 4 CCEU’s for Resource Development.

As a Certified ChangeWorks® System Coach, you are fully-equipped to apply the principles of Tension Management® throughout your practice — and design, administer and interpret Individual ChangeWorks® Profiles for your clients.  

The ChangeWorks® Essentials Course Outline — 

The core content of ChangeWorks® Essentials is presented through a series of 9 Lessons:

Lesson 1: The Nature of Change

Are humans truly resistant to change or is something far more powerful impacting their behavior? This lesson presents 3 key insights and 3 conversational tools for helping clients better understand their personal experience with change.

Lesson 2: Understanding Productive Tension

Humans experience 5 levels of Productive Tension®, each of which impacts their change experience in various ways.  This lesson equips coaches with a simple model for helping their clients optimize the conditions under which their desired changes are most easily achieved.

Lesson 3: The Path of Self Discovery

The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your choices, the decisions you make, and the actions you take. This lesson provides coaches with a structured approach for helping clients make higher quality decisions — and implement those decisions — with less conflict.

Lesson 4: The Oracle of the Self

We are our own constant companion, holding never-ending conversations that impact our attitudes, beliefs and behavior. This lesson explores internal dialogue and asks clients: “What is it that YOU are saying to YOU about YOU?” — and how does that dialogue impact their focus and results?

Lesson 5: Energies & Resonance

Our behavior is subject to change based on changes in our perspective, perceptions and priorities. This lesson explores four primary and secondary “energies” we experience as our perspective, perceptions and priorities change — and how those energies impact behavior.

Lesson 6: Engagement

We’ve all heard about where good intentions can lead us if they aren’t followed by definitive action!  This lesson looks at the levels of awareness, intention and engagement clients experience as well as the likelihood of execution — and what coaches can do to support and streamline progress.

Lesson 7: Managing Productive Tension®

Tension is the fuel that powers the human enterprise and myriad factors impact the level of productive tension a client experiences regarding a specific goal.  This lesson equips coaches with 5 sets of proven strategies for helping clients achieve and maintain the optimal levels of productive tension for achieving their desired outcomes.

Lesson 8: Putting it All Together

As valuable as they are individually, the insights, skills, tools and techniques covered in this program become a powerful process for change when delivered as a system. This lesson organizes and demonstrates the ChangeWorks® Coaching System in action.

Lesson 9: Mastering the ChangeGrid® Assessment

This special lesson focuses on a more formal way of integrating the ChangeWorks® Coaching System through the use of our proprietary online assessment tool.

Your Tuition Includes —

During the course —

• Fourteen 60-minute ChangeWorks® Essentials Discovery Session videos

• Eight 60-minute recorded “ChangeWorks® Essentials: Discussion Sessions” videos

• Eight 90-minute LIVE ChangeWorks® Essentials Dialogue Session webinars

• Two 60-minute recorded “Mastering the ChangeGrid®” videos

• Two 60-minute LIVE, PRIVATE training sessions with T. Falcon Napier, Creator of the ChangeWorks® System

• ChangeWorks® Essentials Exercises, Handouts and Quick Reference Guides

• Your own ChangeWorks® Profile & Personalized Reading by a Faculty Member

• ChangeWorks® System Access

• Support from your ChangeWorks® Faculty Member throughout the course

After the course is completed —

• LIFETIME, unlimited access to the online ChangeWorks® System, allowing you to create as many individual profiles as you wish for your prospects and clients at no additional charge, which you may provide to your clients at no charge or SELL at whatever price you choose. (Value: $100+ per profile / unlimited actual value)

• UNLIMITED ChangeWorks® Community Memberships to GIFT or SELL to your clients, including LIFETIME access to their own online ChangeWorks® Interactive Profile and a course in Mastering Personal Change. (Value: $99 per membership / unlimited actual value)

• “My Personal ChangeGrid®” for ongoing, self-application.

• ChangeWorks® Community Annual Retreats. (Value: $1,000 per retreat / unlimited actual value)

FREE Program Reinforcement —

• Unlimited repeats of the ChangeWorks® Essentials webinar series.

• Unlimited participation in ongoing ChangeWorks® Dialogue sessions.

FREE Ongoing Education —

• Invitations to the weekly ChangeWorks® Forum ongoing educational series.

• Access to recordings of all ChangeWorks® Forum webinars.

• Annual Retreat.

FREE Enrichment Programs —

• FREE “The ChangeGrid: Layer-by-Layer” Enrichment Program

This collection of ten 1-hour webinars examines the ChangeGrid’s 10 major layers of insights and information. These webinars provide ChangeWorks® Professionals with a rich depth of knowledge and a broad spectrum of understanding that adds value to the quality of the ChangeGrid® interpretations they deliver.

• FREE “The Comprehensive Adjective Map” Enrichment Program

This series of five 1-hour webinars introduces you to the Comprehensive Adjective Map — an advanced reference tool for interpreting the ChangeGrid®.  The webinars explore the adjective mapping process and provides a thorough examination of unique descriptors found at each coordinate pair.

• FREE “The Path of Self-Discovery” Enrichment Program

This series of two 2-hour webinars provides an in-depth exploration of our questioning technique.

• FREE “Building a Career That Matters” Enrichment Program

This series of almost 100 HOURS of training covers just about every aspect of building and maintain a successful private practice.


Certified ChangeWorks® System Coach Training & Support Fees —

General tuition for the ChangeWorks® Essentials course and all of the support services we provide is $3,500.  We offer 2 payment options:

A) Initial Payment of $1,500, followed by 4 monthly payments of $500 each, OR

B) Single Payment of $3,000, reflecting a discount of $500

Continuing Coach Education Units —

Graduates who are also members of the International Coach Federation may be eligible for 39 CCEUs in Core Coaching Competencies and 4 CCEU’s for Resource Development upon successful completion of the course and payment of all fees.

What’s Next?? —

If you have not already done so, we recommend you have a FREE personal ChangeWorks® System Coaching experience.  Simply send an email to lnapier@changeworkssystem.com and we will set things up for your free session.